Microtome Decision

From:"Timothy R. Wheelock"

Hi Everyone:

First, thank you all for the advice and opinions and experience 
concerning microtomes.
I have decided to go electric (fully automated), since the manual 
machines just seem harder to turn than my old AO,  and repetitive stress 
injuries and arthritis may be looming around the corner. I have decided 
on the Microm  HM 355 S.

All 3 electric machines that I tested were fine, and  they were liked a 
lot by people who use them.
I  found the push-button panels on the Microm and Shandon Finesse ME 
easier for me to use than the knobs on the Leica RM 2155.
I think this is just a personal learning curve thing on my part.
And I preferred the more substantial blade holder of the Microm as 
opposed to the Shandon
Whether " more substantial" translates into better sectioning is another 
thing; the tissue cut well, perhaps best, with the Shandon Finesse).
Maybe it is just an esthetic judgement on my part.

However, I am pushing for a 2 year warranty with Microm, since one user 
complained of blade holder problems.
I have had them myself with the demo model (fortunately a manual model 
was handy and I just switched holders).
I still am not 100% comfortable with my decision.
But  with an extended warranty and  a willingness by the sales rep to at 
least try to get me a replacement if necessary,  I think I  will do all 

Tim Wheelock
Brain Bank
McLean Hospital
Belmont MA

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