I'm Looking for Tissue for the HTL Practical

From:Miriam Schroeder

Dear Histonetters,

I'm working on my HTL Practical exam (due March 21).  Because I work at a research facility, I am
having trouble locating a few of the tissues I will need.  (We work almost exclusively with animal
tissues - particularly mouse tissue.)

I am still looking for a sample of thyroid.  It needs to be 1.0 cm x 1.0 cm square.  The test
instructions state "When minimum square sizes are requested, both the blocks after processing, and
the sections after coverslipping must completely cover the square outline, including corners,
regardless of the overall shape of the submitted tissue."  If anyone could point me in the right
direction to find such a tissue sample, it would be greatly appreciated.  I will be required to
submit the block to the ASCP and it WILL NOT be returned.  If needed, I could purchase a block. 
(Obviously - the cheaper, the better.)

In addition, if anyone knows of a source of cervix (1.5 cm in length, to include endocervix and
ectocervix, epithelium to cover one entire surface) or appendix (complete cross-section)  I would
be interested in obtaining those tissues as well.  My employer has already obtained these tissues
for me, but I am feeling bad about sending them away to the ASCP because they were somewhat

Keep in mind, the tissues I need do not necessarily have to be of human tissues, as long as they
meet the minimum size requirements and show the requested features.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you may have.

Miriam Schroeder
Research Associate
Berlex Biosciences

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