Formalin Neutralizers

From:"Timothy R. Wheelock"

Hi again:

Our method of formalin disposal works well. We have one 20L cube of 
fresh 10%NBF on the left side of the fume hood, and a waste cube on the 
When the waste cube is full, we transport it  to a waste solvent storage 
Apparently,  it costs more money to handle the cubitainers than it does 
4 Liter bottles, so someone suggested neutralizing the Formalin, and 
 dumping it down the drain.

I am uncomfortable with this for several reasons.
Our present system works perfectly for us; the NBF is always contained 
or under the hood.
The neutralizer--and the formalin indicator strips- would cost us money.
It would introduce dry granular powder, a possible safety hazard.
More steps to carry out, such as weighing, testing for residual formalin 

The suggested neutralizer is Harleco Form-X: Formalin Neutralizer.

Could  people give me their experience with  this or any other form of 
What problems have you encountered?
How do you handle the neutralizer?
Is there a better way?

Thanks for your time,

Tim Wheelock
Brain Bank
McLean Hospital
Belmont, MA

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