FITC labelled antibodies for IHC

From:Gayle Callis

You could try an antiFITC antibody, DAKO has an excellent one but it is
rabbit antiFITC.  However, if your primary is rabbit host, that is not a
good idea.  It works at much lower concentration if you use the rabbit
antiFITC rather than Rb antiFITC-HRP. You would have to detect rabbitxFITC
with a donkey antirRb or Swine antiRb, etc. DAKO's Envision system can also
be used. Chris van der Loos does this with great skill for FITC conjugated

Greg wrote: I'm wondering if any of you fellow Vet Medicine types know of a 
source of antibodies (Poly- or Monoclonal) to Porcine Cirocovirus 
and Bovine Respiratoty Syncytial Virus (BRSV)? 

I see our friends at VMRD have Direct FA conjugates to these; 
which leads me to my next question: what is to be expected from 
staining formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections with 
direct FA ab's? (I think I'll re-post this particular question to the list 
with the subject: "Direct FA on FFPE", to get a wider response. My 
apologies in advance to those of you who end up opening both 

I seem to remember trying this at one time (when I worked in a 
virology lab) and had good results. Does it really depend on the 
antigen in question and how it responds to fixation and processing?

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