Date-of-service confusion

From:Alex Knisely

Non-urgent biopsies performed under imaging guidance may be arranged here
several weeks in advance of the actual date of biopsy.  

The requisition is dated mid-January, the date of receipt of specimen

And then there are the courier-delayed specimens that trickle from outside
facilities several days after the fact.

Hazel, does your system make allowances for this sort of thing?

Alex K

At 15:28 14/02/03 -0600, Horn, Hazel V wrote:
>Our reqs have 2 dates on them.   The date we received the specimen and the
>date it was collected.   The date of service is really the original date of
>collection, not when we receive the test.    At least that is my
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>> Regarding the new regulation about date of service for pathology
>> specimens,
>> what do you count as the date of collection for a new specimen being
>> accessioned?
>> I am asking this because outpatients are registered for the date their
>> specimen is collected, which very often is a date prior to receipt of the
>> specimen. This dates crosses to the laboratory computer system. If we
>> accession the specimen with the collect date and make the DOS as the
>> accession date for us, the hospital computer system sees that as an error
>> and kicks out the charge. 
>> The new regulation about the DOS for pathology is confusing, but I
>> interpret
>> it to have been established for cases that are months or years old, in
>> which
>> additional testing (e.g. Her2Neu) is being performed. 
>> If this makes sense to anyone, can you please tell me how you interpret
>> the
>> regulation? :>)
>> Thanks, j
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