used equipment for sale

From:Elaine Dooley

Dear Histonetter and used equipment vendors,

Our histology lab is moving and we have equipment that we do not plan to take with us.  Much of it is from our EM lab which we have shut down.  Please contact me by March 12th if you are interested.

1 large slide drying oven CSE
1 light Baush & Lomb for dissecting scope
1 cytocentrifuge Shandon cytospin 2
1 EM scope Carl Zeiss 15-20 years old but in good condition
3 ultra microtomes
1 Fisher micro centrifuge
1 LKB microtome

Elaine Dooley HTL
Shands Teaching Hospital
Gainesville FL
352-265-0111 ext 4-4935

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