reuse of microwave paraffin

From:Steven Slap

Hi HistoNetters

Melissa Jans asked about reusing paraffin afetr microwave processing.
Assuming that she is following a typical microwave processing protocol which
involves fixation in formalin, dehydration in 100% ethyl alcohol, clearing
in isopropanol and infiltration in wax, the paraffin should, theoretically,
be fine to reuse indefinitely.  My Hacker/Milestone microwave customers
routinely keep a paraffin pot next to their laboratory microwave, and simply
empty the paraffin back into the pot after each use.

The only instance in which this would not be the case would be those
following protocols which still involve the use of xylene, which would
contaminate the paraffin.  I beleive that one lab microwave manufacturer
recommends xylene in their processing protocol.

best regards,
Steven Slap

Marketing Manager/Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Instruments & Industries, Inc.

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