From:Gayle Callis

Grasshoppers, and it was less than satisfactory as chitin outer shell
(body) was tough.  I did longer processing in VIP with vacuum/pressure, 2
hours per station in all dehydrants, clearing and 4 paraffins, same as
processing decalcified rat femurs, and used harder paraffin, Tissue Prep 2
was the paraffin for infiltration and embedding.  High profile disposable
blades helped, a bit sturdier.  

Try some soaks during cutting using Tween 20, Molliflex is supposed to be a
good one.  I think an enzyme presoak (Biz detergent, there is now a liquid
one available) might work too, since chitin is a sugar bound to protein,
very simplistic description.  

I think if I had to do it over, polymethylmethacrylate would be the choice.
 Have done water fleas in GMA, but these are really tiny things.   

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