bone marrow decalcification

From:Steven Slap

Hi HistoNetters

Roxanne Soto asked about microwave procedures for bone marrow
decalcification.  What I would recommend would depend upon the outcome
desired-  if immunohistochemistry is the primary aim, I would use EDTA;  if
speed is the main objective, I would use one of the formic acid methods.

1)  EDTA at 50C for 60-90 minutes

2)  5% formic acid at 50C for 10-20 minutes

3)  5% formic/5% hydrochloric acid at 50C for 5-10 minutes

All times cited are times at temperature (not counting ramp up times).  In
all cases, decalcification should be checked at regular intervals by opening
the door of the microwave (or pausing the program) and feeling the biopsy
with a needle.

If higher concentrations of acid are used, the temperature should be lowered
to 37C.

best regards,
Steven Slap

Marketing Manager/Microwave Product Specialist
Hacker Instruments & Industries, Inc.

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