base molds

From:John Baker

Carol and all,  We use a mild dish soap with some 70% Ethanol to make 
a mold release.  Lightly brush it into your mold and then the 
paraffin block should come right out.  You can then clean the mold 
with soapy water and dry.  my best,  John

Carol Brown wrote:

>  Our facility has, over the years, varied the process in which we clean our
>  base molds.  We have most recently been avoiding the use of xylene or it's
>  substitutes do to the odor and, upon subsequent washing, is hard on the
>  plastic plumbing and rubber washers is the washer that we use.
>  Since we no longer use a paraffin solvent prior to washing our dishwasher is
>  plugging up due to the solidification of paraffin.
>  How do other facilities remove the paraffin from their metal base molds and
>  have them clean for the next use?
>  Thanks in advance for your assistance.
>  Carol Brown
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>  Westman Regional Laboratory
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>  Fax 204-725-0259
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