alcian blue pH 0.4

From:Marlene Nardi

Is anyone else using Lee Luna's Alcian Blue pH 0.4 method for staining strongly acidic sulfated mucopolysaccharides?  If you are, what is the pH of your phosphate-HCl solution and your 1% Alcian blue solution?
The formula for each is:

conc. Hydrochloric Acid 42.0 ml.
sodium phosphate, monobasic     13.8 gm.
Deionized water to make 1000ml.

1% Alcian Blue
Alcian Blue 8GX         2.5 gm.
Phosphate/HCl solution  250 ml.

We use the stain as part of our mast cell panel for animal tissues and it works very well.  We're just curious because the pH of our solutions are normally higher than 0.4.  The pH of our solutions are usually around 0.8 or 0.9. 
Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated-      
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