Thanks re basemolds

From:Carol Brown

Thanks for all you great suggestions.  I'll pass them on to the
Histopathology Charge tech.  I'm sure she'll find all of the suggestions
useful.  These procedures are also used for the racks and metal lids.
For those who may not have seen the responses they varied:
1.  Place in the processors and run them through the purge cycle.
2.  Boil in a pot with soapy water, allow to cool, scrape off the solid wax
from the top of the water, rinse everything and allow the molds to air or
oven dry.
3.  Wash with xylene, followed by a wash of 100% alcohol then wash with
4.  Spray with a good mold release spray.  No cleaning required.
5.  Spray or coat with a mold release spray.  After use place in the heated
portion of the embedding center and allow paraffin to melt.
6.  Remove blocks and place in the heated portion of the embedding center
with a paper towel to absorb the excess paraffin.  Lids are soaked in a jar
of xylene with a tight fitting lid.  Xylene is then recycled for reuse.
7.  Use plastic disposable base molds that can be reused, don't require
cleaning and are discarded when cracked.

Thanks again for all of the great idea.

Carol Brown
Technical Administrator
Westman Regional Laboratory
Fax 204-725-0259

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