Sakura coverslipping film

From:Laurie Colbert

Does anyone from Sakura have any comment on Dan Diaz's explanation of
the teflon coating and the film coming off of the slides after so many

Also, is the teflon coating also the reason for the "cornflaking"

We recently had a service person out for a mechanical problem with our
Sakura coverslipper.  He found the last film guide that the film goes
through before being applied to the slides to be gummed up and a white
powder was also present.  After he cleaned this guide our mechanical
problem was fixed and we also noticed that the cornflaking artifact
dropped dramatically - actually it has almost disappeared.  Our blade
for cutting the film was also very dull and gummed up so we changed
this, too.  I guess if the edges of the tape is jagged it might not
adhere properly.

Laurie Colbert
Huntington Memorial Hospital
Pasadena, CA

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