Re: polyester attachment to slides


no promises but you might try the old elmers glue method, i use this for bone and
cartilage and tendon which is hard to stick to slides.

coat clean plain glass slides with a mixture of 5% white glue in deionized water
airdry the slides standing up to drain
after the slides are dry they can be restored touching each other
use these slides to pick up your frozen sections
there should be enough water in the section to activate the glue
airdry overnight or several hours before staining

Anu Desai wrote:

> Hello everyone,
>   I have an interesting problem that we've been dealing with in our lab for
> some time now. I work in a tissue engineering lab where we use highly porous
> polyester constructs as substrates for cell culture. We've figured out how to
> section these things fairly well using cryosectioning (heat and xylene damage
> the polymer, so no paraffin) but have a lot of trouble keeping things on the
> slides. The problem seems to be that the polymer (we use a copolymer of
> polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid) just doesn't like the slides. I've tried
> SuperPlus and gelatin slides, but it seems that both of these are optimized for
> cellular tissue and don't do anything for polymer adhesion (the polymer is not
> charged like most biological material). Furthermore, when we section the
> polymer/cell contructs, usually at 10 microns, we end up with many very small
> polymer particles on the slide because the construct is 95% empty space. It
> seems these micron sized particles are swept away by the slightest shear force,
> even a single rinse in water or the movement of mounting medium during
> coverslipping. Ideally, we would like to come up with some protocol that would
> affix the polymer particles to the slides firmly and allow us to do whatever
> staining and rinsing we need to do. Any ideas on slide adhesives or treatments
> that might help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
> Anu Desai
> Graduate Student, Tissue Engineering Lab, UCLA
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