Re: nerve dissection/teasing

From:"Mitchell (Jean)"

I whole heartedly agree that the best method of nerve teasing is to 
get someone else to do it!!  In March 1998 there was an article in 
the Journal of Histotechnology, "Peripheral Nerve Teasing:  Two 
Protocols for Diagnosis and Research" that outlines teasing with 
the glycerol method and resin methods. It is well worth reading and 
I will fax you a copy if you do not have access to the journal.

How long does it take to tease a nerve?  I use the resin method in 
my lab and prefer to allow myself 2 half day sessions per nerve 
case for teasing. I will routinely tease out 30-35 nerve fibers per 
case and align them on one slide.

Jean Mitchell, BS, HT (ASCP)
University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics
Department of Neurology
Madison, WI

> Hi all
> What method are you nerve teasers using?I use the
> method whereby the nerve is osmicated and then placed
> in 45,60,100% glycerol.Are there any other methods?How
> long do you take to tease a nerve and how many slides
> per nerve do you prepare?
> Thanks 
> Maria
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