Re: apoptosis

From:Cathy Gorrie

>We're using a polyclonal antibody called anti-ACTIVE caspase-3 from 
>Promega which works well on paraformaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded 
>tissue, and should be fine for the others as well.  Promega also 
>seem to have  a number of related products and kits etc for 
>apoptosis detection.


At 2:27 PM -0600 21/2/02, wrote:
>I am going to incorporate apoptosis assays into our routine lab procedures
>and would like some input into which detection methods people have found
>they like the best and since we always made up our own solutions I would
>also like to know which kits if any that people use routinely. I need
>flexible visualization because of the preferences of the different
>investigators and will be viewing paraformaldehyde fixed paraffin embedded
>tissues  and cell supensions mouse tumors and bone marrow smears.......too
>much info? not enough? let me know.

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