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I agree with Geoff.  I thought that heat was the cause of most of tissue shrinkage, although I am sure dehydration which must be very complete for Epon would cause shrinkage.  I thought that resin processed samples shrank less
than paraffin processed samples.

Geoff McAuliffe wrote:

> wrote:
> > Histonetters:  Does anyone have any ideas/articles/ references on how to prevent or minimize tissue shrinkage for specimens going into a non-aqueous plastic polymer such as Epon or Spurr?  Or is this the impossible dream?
> > Thanks,
> > Tom Kuwahara
> > Senior Immunohistochemist
> > Resolution Sciences Corporation
> I have always been told/thought that shrinkage of tissues in epoxy resins is much less than in paraffin sections. Proper fixation and subsequent processing are your best "defense".
> Geoff
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