Re: Staining for argyria?

From:Geoff McAuliffe

Hi Dave:

    Reduced silver should be visible in the tissue as a black deposit without a stain. Photographic developers are reducers as is formaldehyde. Check out the "silver impregnation" chapter of Humason, Kiernan, Lillie and Fullmer, etc. Ingested silver shows up in basement membranes and cell coats. Some cells in the body are
capable of reducing silver on their own, the "argentaffin" reaction.
    Timm's is a stain for zinc, as I recall.

"David A. Reynolds" wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am in search of a stain to demonstrate argyria.  Apparently there is an increase in use of silver-containing "natural" remedies for those who self-medicate for Lyme disease and other ailments.  The archives produced a reference for Timm's method, but I cannot locate a variation of this procedure to demonstrate silver.
> Anyone have an idea?
> Thanks in advance
> Dave Reynolds
> University of Washington Medical Center
> Seattle, WA

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