Re: Levels on biopsies

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What are your definitions of levels (25%,50%,75% ?) when cutting biopsies?? How many slides and levels are appropriate for a biopsy??

This has actually come up at my hospital this week.  The pathologists had a meeting and decided that if they asked for Levels X5, this tells us they want 5 slides with as many sections as we can get on a slide. If it is a small biopsy, they want us to put 2 ribbons vertically on the slide. All the sections are supposed to be serial sections.

When cutting small biopsies, I usually take small shallow sections and put the ribbons on the water bath and continue to do this until I am into the tissue completely.  Then I "stack" some of the sections showing the varying depths.  Sometimes I worry that I will lose something imporant cutting since these specimens are so small.

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