Re: Immuno Buffers

From:Gayle Callis

The answer to your question is yes, but I do store stock concentrated
buffer in the refrigerator, and dilute when needed.  

You can make up 0.5M TRIS, pH 7.6, then dilute 1 part 0.5M TRIS in 9 parts
0.9% sodium chloride for final working buffer of 0.05M TRIS in 0.9% sodium
chloride solution for a TRIS buffered saline. I store concentrated stock
for 1 year at 4C.  Working buffer can sit out at RT, but if I don't use it
within a week, I do store working in refrig and usually use working buffer
within a week. 

I know that labs also make up 10X PBS buffers and do the same thing.  

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