Re: Help with a coverslipping problem

From:Amos Brooks

    The slides must not be completely dehydrated prior to coverslipping. It could also be that the slides sat out of xylene long enough to absorb atmospheric humidity which could also be a culprit. My advise is to rotate the alcohols more and use XYLENE cause darnit it's just better!
Amos Brooks
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From: Jan Minshew
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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2002 11:17 AM
Subject: Help with a coverslipping problem

I just spoke to a very frustrated lady who needs help with a coverslipping problem.  She has a Leica coverslipper (which is functioning well), but she recently converted from using Richard Allan Clear Rite and compatible medium to xylene and StatLab's Acrymount.  She purged the instrument but she is seeing cloudiness around the perimeter of the coverslip, which seems to be getting increasingly worse. 
It sounds like something was missed during the purge.  Do any of the Leica coverslipper users have any suggestions?  I will forward your suggestions to her or you can email her directly at
Jan Minshew
Histology Consulting Services, Inc.

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