Re: Cytoprep

From:Jennifer Hofecker

Hi Janice,
I only prep urine cytology here and when I came to
this lab, we were using albumin in our cytospins. 
Nobody could really tell me why, so I decided to try
some preps without albumin and we actually saw more
cells on the slides without the albumin!  I use plain
glass slides (no adhesive or charge).My urines are
fixed with 50% alcohol, that may make a difference.  I
don't know if anything other than urines may require
the albumin. When I previously did cytoprep work (5
years ago) I didn't even own any albumin and we did
other types of specimens than just urine.

Good luck with your cyto-ventures,

Jennifer Hofecker HT(ASCP)
Nasvhille, TN

--- Janice Fuller  wrote:
> Histonetters,
> I have a few questions:  Is albumin used in the
> cytospin for any other reason than adhesion?  What
> about if your already using plus or coated slides? 
> I've heard for a long time that if you use an
> adhesive in your waterbath and then use plus slides
> it changes the charge and tissue falls off.  I've
> not experienced this personally, but it seems that
> it would be as true for cytology as histology.
> Also, what about air drying cytospin slides for a
> Giemsa stain.  Shouldn't this be a Wright Giemsa? 
> Why would this be preferable to fixing in 95%
> Alcohol and pap staining?   I'm trying to get a feel
> for the best way to set up a lab for cytoprep.
> Janice Fuller

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