Re: Cleaning of metal Base molds

From:Barry Rittman

heat them in a metal or glass container with water and a little detergent.
Leave enough room for wax to rise to the surface and then leave to solidify.

Carol Brown wrote:

> Our facility has, over the years, varied the process in which we clean our
> base molds.  We have most recently been avoiding the use of xylene or it's
> substitutes do to the odor and, upon subsequent washing, is hard on the
> plastic plumbing and rubber washers is the washer that we use.
> Since we no longer use a paraffin solvent prior to washing our dishwasher is
> plugging up due to the solidification of paraffin.
> How do other facilities remove the paraffin from their metal base molds and
> have them clean for the next use?
> Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> Carol Brown
> Technical Administrator
> Westman Regional Laboratory
> Phone-204-726-2549
> Fax 204-725-0259

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