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I have a question about bone marrow's.  We are having a big problem with
bone marrow's, as far as decal and processing consistently.  Does anyone
have a good protocol for a microwave decal procedure and a processing
procedure for bone marrow's?

We had a problem with our gross room tech not checking the bone marrow biopsy decals and several biopsies were left for several hours -- doesn't make for a happy hematopathologist!!!   In fact, he was so peeved, he forbid us to use decal at all on BM biopsies until we cut them on the microtome.  We face them and surface decal and actually have great results.  Now if the biopsy, when examined on the gross room, shows a great deal of cortical bone (most don't) we do get permission to decal in a formalin/formic acid decal for 30 minutes.

As for processing, we process them on our tissue processor with the regular tissue.  I have considered running them on our biopsy processor but fear the outcome of the clot sections.

Denise Swank, H.T. (ASCP)
Hillcrest Medical Center
Tulsa, OK

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