Re: Automated coverslipping

From:"David A. Reynolds"

I use a dissecting needle to separate the section(s) that I want on the slide.  I dislike putting slides on the stainer with wrap-around tissue.  If I do have any tissue on the back of the slide I can quickly get it off with the needle.  Getting a clean slide does not take excessive time, I can still maintain good production levels.

Dave Reynolds, HT(ASCP)
U of Washington Medical Center
Seattle, WA

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002 wrote:

> We are contemplating getting an automatic coverslipper due to
> repetittitititive momotion injury of a coworker.  I am wondering how most
> of you deal with cleaning the excess tissue from the slides.  Our histotech
> lifts the ribbons off the water bath with alot of excess tissue wrapped
> around the edges and back of slides.  The excess tissue is then cleaned off
> by the lab assistant as she is coverslipping.  For those of you with
> automated coverslippers, are you spending alot more time at the water bath
> getting a single section or a clean series of sections?  We deal with a
> variety of human tissue, and it can be difficult to seperate the sections
> on the water bath without tearing the preferred section - especially on
> those blocks with wall to wall tissue.  Any input is greatly appreciated -
> thank you!
> Mary Eller, CT, HT
> St. Peter's Hospital  - Helena, MT

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