Re: Automated coverslipping


You might try using a dissecting needle. Most of the labs that I have
worked in I had to clean my slides before they were stained. I just learned
use my forceps or the dissecting needle. Plus we also were graded on this
during our preformance evaluation. We really never had a problem with the
automatic coverslipper with excessive tissue on the slide.

Mari Ann Mailhiot BA HT
Technical Assistance Center
Applications Specialist on 02/25/2002 03:10:33 PM


Subject:  Automated coverslipping

We are contemplating getting an automatic coverslipper due to
repetittitititive momotion injury of a coworker.  I am wondering how most
of you deal with cleaning the excess tissue from the slides.  Our histotech
lifts the ribbons off the water bath with alot of excess tissue wrapped
around the edges and back of slides.  The excess tissue is then cleaned off
by the lab assistant as she is coverslipping.  For those of you with
automated coverslippers, are you spending alot more time at the water bath
getting a single section or a clean series of sections?  We deal with a
variety of human tissue, and it can be difficult to seperate the sections
on the water bath without tearing the preferred section - especially on
those blocks with wall to wall tissue.  Any input is greatly appreciated -
thank you!

Mary Eller, CT, HT
St. Peter's Hospital  - Helena, MT

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