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From:"Greer, Patricia"

We used this fixative on mouse tissue for the demonstration of CD's 3,4, and
8 which were not demonstrated on formalin fixed tissue.

JB Fixative

0.1 M  Tris Buffer, pH 7.4		1000ml
Calcium acetate			      0.5 g
Zinc Acetate				5.0 g
Zinc Chloride				5.0 g

Mix to dissolve.  The final pH will be approximately 6.8 (6.5-7.0).  Do not
readjust the pH, as this will cause the zinc to come out of solution.  Small
amounts of insoluable zinc oxychloride often contaminate zinc chloride.
This may result in a very small amount of white precipitate.  This will not
cause any problems but can be removed by filtering the solution.

Fix tissue for 24-48 hours (any longer and the tissue will become very
brittle) and transfer to 70% ethanol.

Beckstead JH. A Simple Technique for Preservation of Fixative-sensitive
Antigens in Paraffin-embedded Tissues: Addendum (Letter to the Editor). J
Histochem Cytochem 1994; 43:345

Pat Greer
Infectious Disease Pathology
Centers for Disease Control

Does anyone know the following solution(fixative),used for 
immunohistochemistry: 0.1MTris,0.05%calcium acetate,0.5% zinc acetate 
and 0.5% ZnCl2 ph 7.4.? Problems making up the soln. goes cloudy . 
Ref paper Infection and Immunity Jan 2002, p303-314, "Plasmidic 
versus Insertional Cloning etc" I. Me'derle' .Can anyone help  
or can I use Buffered formalin? Thanks. Marilyn

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