RE: do you recognize this?

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

	The more I look at them the more they look like GROWING organic
crystals to me, but that's only an opinion from a non-chemist, and a
frightened one at that.  What you need to know is how to kill them when they
try to get off the slide.  There is nothing worse than brown crystallizing
crystals that have lots of sharp points.

	I'm certain I saw them last week on the Sci-Fi channel.  That was
when they were first seen in Florida.  Now they'll have to quarantine
Baltimore too.

	Of course, if you want really horrible stuff, just tune in to the
local news in Philadelphia.  Please keep those great photos coming.

Regards to all,
Fred Monson

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> From: 	Haines, Ashley N.
> Sent: 	Tuesday, February 26, 2002 2:49 PM
> To: 	Histonet (E-mail)
> Subject: 	do you recongize this?
> Can anyone help me identify this artifact??
> They
> look like little fleas in my sections.
> Thanks!
> Ashley N. Haines
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