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The problem we see with apoptosis detection is that no one has found that
magic bullet test that can show all apoptotic events with confidence and
assurance. In the absence of this there are a variety of antibodies and
reactions that can be done depending upon the needs of the project. TUNEL
can be useful if done with good positive and negative controls and if it is
interpreted with the full knowledge of all factors affecting the tissue and
not interpreted as a stand alone test. The cleaved caspase 3 antibody also
shows great promise as a general apoptotic marker, but while most cells that
undergo apoptosis cleave caspase 3 a few do not. We use the TUNEL kits from
Roche and have been testing Cell Signaling's cleaved caspase 3 antibody.

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i wouldn't be surprised to hear that the apop kits are not being used
i went to a conference with people from all over and no one had any thing
to say about them.
patsy wrote:

> OK I am open to all input no matter what your standpoint.  I have hoards
> people waiting in the wings to purchase kits that work. Pour it on. Doesnt
> anyone do apoptosis anymore?
> anita

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