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We use a database made in-house with Microsoft Access. The database runs on
a LAN and has about 20 users. The database accomadates specimen entry, block
log, test requests, experiment logs (with result entry), reagent logs (ie.
antibodies) and final reporting. Since everything is integrated once a piece
of information is entered it is never entered again. It doesn't support
voice dictation because in our lab we don't do dictation for gross (macro)
or anything else (the pathologists write up their own descriptions - this is
a small research/reference lab with little in the way of fresh surgical

The test request system consists of separate H&E/unstained, Specials, IHC,
ISH and PCR request forms that are entered at a computer station. A
requestor can enter a test request without filling out a paper form,
however, the pathologists will often fill out paper forms at a group
microscopy session and a tech will enter the batch of them later. Then the
tech responsible for a given test (ie. IHC) can see all requests on their
computer screen and can print them out. They are catagorized as to priority
in the system and the IHC system even prints out the basic antibody
information for each request with the control blocks to use. Additional
notes can be added to each test request. A report can be printed for each
case showing every request, test and result.

For those interested in this sort of home-made system, I will be giving a
demo/talk on it at the NSH convention in Long Beach, California in

Tim Morken
CDC, Atlanta

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Hi All,
This is really directed at UK subscribers, but feel free to contribute. I'm
after comments etc., from anyone using an electronic ordering system for
histo/cyto requests. For example do you have a totally 'paper - free' system
or do you print out 'request forms'. How do you record macro descriptions,
block information etc. Voice dictation ?? Any information would be
gratefully received.

Alex Brown
Senior Chief BMS
Cellular Pathology Dept.
Crosshouse Hospital
Ayrshire. KA2 0BE
Tel: 01563 577453

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