From:Jenny Oblander

Is she talking about p-dimethylaminobenzlidenerhodanine? There is a copper
stain(Churukian 1997)in J.A.Kiernans book on Histological & Histochemical
Methods, pg.276. Jenny

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From: carmen loiselle []
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 8:39 AM
Subject: Info on "RHODANINE"

Hello histoland,

I'm in need of info on the stain or product "RHODANINE". One of my co-worker

asked me if I've ever heard of it, because she needs to order it for 
histology lab.  Apparently it's a stain for copper ! She also need info , 
where to buy rubeanic acid since the distributor she used to order it from 
don't carry it anymore !!

Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated !!

Thank you all and have a great day !!


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