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Our method is:

1.  Take sections down to water
2.  Put section into potassium permanganate soln for 9 min.
3.  Rinse in water
4.  Bleach in 5% Oxalic Acid
5.  Rinse in water
6.  Stain with Highman's Congo Red.

A duplicate slide is stained with the Congo Red only for direct comparison

Permanganate Resistant - primary and multiple myeloma amyloid; senile
cardiac amyloid

Permanganate sensitive - secondary amyloid

Hope this helps!

Kathy Johnston
Tech II - Special Stains
Anatomic Pathology - Foothills Medical Center
Calgary Laboratory Services
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One of our Pathologists wants to differentiate between 2 types of Amyloid.
says there is a stain using potassium permanganate and ? Congo Red, but I
not find it in any manual, Help

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