Odds and ends replies

From:Jeff Silverman

We too recently had a cranial bone specimen with a metaplastic menigioma
diffusely infiltrating the bone. There was no EMA or vimentin
immunoreactivity after Cal-Rite decal for three days and post fixation in
Histo Choice.

Mast cell granules also express CD68 (KP1), a component of lysosomal

We run a Leica TP 1050 processor and so far it has been fine. We also use
the Leica XL stainer and love it.

Make your own RDO- 15 % HCl and add some activated charcoal for authenticity

Fat control- fat, breast, etc are too hard to cut well  and you get a semi-
smear rather than a good section. The ideal fat control is a normal adrenal-
the lipids in the adrenal cortex section adn stay localized much better than
greasy  adipose tissue. The capsule and medulla should be devoid of fat.  I
remember borrowing an adrenal from the medical examiner's office for my HT
exam back in 1972.

Artefact-- Looks like some weird iron pigment (hematoidin??) in the
placental Hofbauer cells (macrophages :-).

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