NSH Teleconferences

From:Lee & Peggy Wenk

There have been some inquiries as to the NSH Teleconferences.

Each are $90, and your lab received 1 handout, Kodachromes
(though sometimes the topic does not warrant Kodachromes),
a sign-in sheet, and an evaluation sheet. Your lab may make as
many copies as you need. Each person who attends receives
continuing education contact hours from NSH. Time is 1-2 pm
Eastern time, so adjust accordingly (time zone and daylight
savings time, etc.). Usually the 3rd Wednesday of the month,
unless a holiday falls during that time, then the date is moved
to a Wednesday before or after. There are 9 a year, one each month, 
except for the 3 months around the NSH Symposium.

For a listing of the NSH Teleconferences, a 1 paragraph 
description, and the names of the presenters, go to:


Click on Education

Then click on Teleconferences

(Sorry, I don't seem to be able to pull up web pages
this morning, so I can't give the EXACT address.)

The topics for the next 2 months are (the only ones
I can remember off the top of my head at 6:30 am
at home, without access to the NSH site or my
file at work):

- March 20 - Ocular Histology

- April 17 - pH and pH meters

Other topics for 2002 include: competency assessment,
apoptosis, troubleshooting H&E, IHC of breast,
cytoprep plus 2 others that I can't remember (sorry,
whoever is giving them). 

So far in 2002, we had teleconferences on temporal 
artery biopsies/giant cell arteritis and the theory of 
microwaves/non-staining applications. If interested,
there are some tapes that can be purchased of
these, plus the ones last year. The tapes come with
the handouts and Kodachromes. I believe the price
jumps to $120, if you purchase the tapes, etc.

Hope you can join us!

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073
(also NSH Teleconference Coordinator)

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