HBQ Stain


Hello Histonetters:
    My pathologist returned from a meeting with a request for an HBQ stain 
(Hall's and Brunt's Quadruple stain).  One of the components is Direct Red 
(C.I. 28160).  I have done a little research and have discovered that Congo 
Red is also called Direct Red Y, R and C, but the C.I. # is different.  Sigma 
only lists Congo Red in their catalogue and I couldn't locate Direct Red in 
any of my other usual sources.  Can anyone recommend another distributor that 
I might try?  Also, since the procedure calls for a 0.5% aqueous Direct Red 
solution (appears to be a counterstain), what are the chances that 
substituting Congo Red will work? 
    Any input will be greatly appreciated!


Diane Mahovlic, HT(ASCP)
Orthopedic Pathology and Biomaterials Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

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