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Tree Shrews are mammals closely related to primates. (Tupia Glis) The protein sequences that we have are very similar (95 % or more) to human. We are one of 3 labs in the US breeding them.
We haven't done any IHC to speak of but were thinking of doing some frozen sections of Sclera in the future. I don't really know the specifics of fixation but Pam tried some sections that were fixed. I've been trying comercial antibodies (human antibodies known to work in other species) in western blots. An ideal antibody could be used for either technique. Proteins of interest are extracellular matrix proteins (TIMP I & II, MMP 1-3, 26, more...). We know these proteins are in sclera and expressed at detectable levels. I feel that my extraction and western blotting techniques are working. I had success with a human Actin antibody and with a TIMP 2 human polyclonal that is no longer avalable. JOEL

Tammy M. Bailey
University of Alabama Birmingham
Histology Module
Vision Science Research Center

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