Cyclin E

I have a pathologist who would like me to order Cyclin E.  I have checked my usual sources and can't seem to find it.  Anyone out there use this antibody?

Also, the hospital I am at now has a Ventana Nexus immunostainer.  It is not uncommon for us to have problems every couple of weeks or so with this little gem. ;>))  It sounds like a lot of you do your immunos by hand.  Is this correct?  I used to do them by hand, used concentrated antibodies, etc.  I inherited this stainer when I started at this job a year ago.  I am currently working my way back to concentrated antibodies, rather than the Ventana predilutes, and at times toy with the idea of doing them by hand again.  One advantage that I see with the Nexus is the use of heat.  But when it goes down I am down 3-5 days.  This does not make for happy pathologists!   Any comments are welcome!

Denise Swank
Hillcrest Medical Center
Tulsa, OK

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