answer to survery

1.  We do approximately 85-100 biopsies and roughly 200 surgical and autopsy 
blocks per day.  

2.  Cut off times for processors are 5:00 p.m. start time for the surgical 
processor (12 hour run) and the biopsy machine starts at 10:30 p.m. (5 hour 

3.  All specimens should be grossed by 5 to load into the machines.  Our 
residents can stay later to put the biopsies in if they are not finished and 
the histotechs have left for the day.

4.  There is an ongoing struggle for us to allow enough time for adequate 
fixation and decalcification of bones because of the pathologists and the 
doctors wanting a fast turn around time on the diagnosis.  This makes it very 
difficult for us to get a section at all.  Currently we get bones anywhere 
from 10:00 in morning and on. They are grossed and placed in Rapid Decal 
solution until 5:00 and we hope for the best, unless they were recieved late 
in the day in which case they are cut on the bone saw and placed in overnight 

5.  In some cases, such as radical prostates and colons recieved late in the 
day (also radioactive breast and parathyroid specimens) specimens are allowed 
to fix overnight. Also anything that the resident will not have time to 
finish grossing by 5:00 is allowed to sit and fix overnight.  Other than 
that, everything is to be done by 5:00 the day that it is recieved.

6.  We work Saturdays, which currently are one of our busier days.

Jennifer Macias , HT(ASCP)
Western Reserve Care System
Youngstown, Ohio

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