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<< One of our pathologist will soon be doing frozen sections at a hospital
 located 10 miles from our main campus.  He would like the benefit of a
 second opinion if needed from our campus location.  Is anyone using a
 internet telepathology system in this scenerio??   Any information would be
 greatly appreciated.
 thanks, Sheila

Hi Sheila,

I would recommend that you look at Pax-It by M.I.S.  Their telepathology 
system is built for just such use.  It's modular, and you can order systems 
all the way from capturing and sending images with text via e-mail to full, 
real-time live videoconferencing with images transmitted via webcams and 
cameras hooked up to microscopes.

You can contact M.I.S. at (847) 455-0450, Fax (847) 455-6044 or visit 

Bob Chiovetti
GTI Microsystems
Leica Exclusive Regional Dealer
(Desert Southwest)
Tucson, AZ

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