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--- R Lane <> wrote: > Hello
> Can anyone tell me of a good internet site(s) where
> there is information
> on Quality Control in Histotechnology? I have had a
> request from an
> instructor in Mauritius which is an island in the
> Indian Ocean off
> southern Africa. I can't seem to find a good site.
> Many thanks.
> Rosalind Lane
> Instructor
> Anatomic Pathology
> University of Alberta
> Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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> The UK HTEQA site is really worth a visit!
The UK histopathology technical external quality
assurance scheme is run strictly according to
standards described in UK and European ilegislationi
aimed at ensuring the technical work done in
laboratories is sound.
Member laboratories, which take part in the scheme,
perform staining methods on slides they receive from
the scheme organisers.  Iim not sure how many labs in
the UK take part, but it must be in the hundreds. 
These slides are returned to the organisers and marked
by respected experts.  The best methods are published
so that you can be assured the methods you find on
this site worked well.
I personally find it the summary data, describing the
many technical variations to standard methods, a
valuable source of tricks and tips. Iive learnt plenty
of tricks from the many people with whom I have worked
over the years but not at the rate you can get them
from the UK HTEQA site.

Best wishes
Steve Machin UK

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