Re: PAP pens

From:Rena Fail <>

<html> Mark, <br> <br>    I use a diamond pencil to ring sections for immunofluorescence. Obviously have no problem with the nibs drying out <b>:) </b> the substance used in the PAP pen will auto-fluoresce. <br> <br> Rena Fail AS,HT(ASCP)<br> SS/IHC LAB<br> Medical University of SC<br> 165 Ashley Ave.<br> Charleston, SC 29425<br> <br> <br> At 10:50 AM 2/28/01 +0000, you wrote:<br> <blockquote type=cite class=cite cite>Dear all (esp in the UK),<br> <br> I am interested in other peoples' methods of "ringing" sections for<br> immunocytochemistry.  Since the demise of the Dako PAP pens, we are<br> experiencing problems with other such pens, particularly when the nibs<br> get wet (NB: the slides in question are frozen sections stored at -70oC<br> and are difficult to mark).  Any info or remarks would be gladly<br> received.<br> <br> Mark</blockquote><br> </html>
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