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Sodium hydroxide weighs 40 g per mole and provides only one OH- per mole.
Thus 40 g in 1 litre is 1 normal.
5 N would be 200 g in 1 litre of total solution. Add enough water to 200 g
of sodium hydroxide to reach almost to the 1 litre mark. Dissolve and add
enough water to reach the 1 litre mark.  Note that 5 N sodium hydroxide eats
flesh.  Keep it off your hands !  2N sodium hydroxide would be 80 g in 1
litre of total solution.

Allen A. Smith, Ph.D.
Barry University
Miami Shores, Florida

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> Help!  Can someone tell me exactly how to make a 2N and a 5N solution of
> sodium hydroxide?

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