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Bruce Abaloz wrote:

> Can anyone please advise me of the "BEST" Histology text book that deals with Urogenital System.......(Male/Female). The Atlas of FUNCTIONAL HISTOLOGY by Jeffrey Kerr has been recommended thus far but we are after a more "Specific" detailed book!! Thanks in advance, Cheers,
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    Well, "best" is always difficult. "Textbook of Histology" by Bloom and Fawcett is very comprehensive. The older editions (7th , 8th) of "Histology" by Ham are also very comprehensive. Newer textbooks are shorter, but not necessarily worse.
    How about the "Handbook of Physiology" series? They always have a chapter or two on the functional anatomy/histology/ultrastructure of the organ system they are dealing with, written by the top people in the field.

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