Re: Cut off times

From:Bert Dotson <>

> 1. How big is your case load?
about 34,000 in 2000, about 37,000 expected in 2001. This turns into an
average of 360 blocks a day six days a week. standard deviation (kills us)
about 180.
> 2. What is cut-off time for starting processors?
one processor starts at 3pm. all others as soon as possible after 6pm
(smalls first). small processor runs again at midnight. cut off for same-day
smalls is 10 am.

> 3. What is cut-off time for ending gross?
6pm firm. by policy an attending can authorize a late processor if the
resident explains to them why they couldn't get their work done (this
alomost never happens).

> 4. Do you let fresh specimens fix adequately before decal?
all decals fix minimum overnight except bone marrow (4 hrs minimum in AZF).
by changing decal solution several times a day most are ready for processing
the next evening (bone marows 20 minutes).

> 5. Do you let fresh specimens fix adequately before processing?
skins get 6 hours NBF on the processor, breast/fatty tissues get 2 hour
alcoholic formalin on processor. almost all specimens get 2 hours, about 80%
get 4 or more.

> 6. Do you still work Saturdays?
yes. we're open 25 hrs/day from 5 am moday to 11am saturday.

> (Can you tell I'm trying to make some very difficult changes?)

doh? is this part of the survey?  ;-)

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