Re: Composite blocks.

From:Luis Chiriboga <>

Dear Ian
We routinely use both human and animal 1multi-tissue blocks (MTB's) for
developing IHC protocols. Typically the array
consists of 25 tissue samples.  We get a lot of untested, antibodies
from researchers and have found that this is the best way to
determine the optimal conditions for a particular marker in a particular
tissue.  We then use the MTB’s  to screen a larger
number of normal and neoplastic tissue to determine the markers
The standard IHC problems apply, as with any slide.  What we have found
to be the most interesting is that quite often we will
have tissue specific protocols for a single marker.  This really helps
when staining a large number of samples for a study since
we can tailor the protocol  instead of staining different tissues under
the same generic set of conditions.  This helps
tremendously when interpreting the staining patterns and localization of
the marker.
Hope this helps

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