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Try the National Society for Histotechnology. 301-262-6221

They have a competency check list - BUT - you HAVE to be an NSH remember to
receive it.

So JOIN NSH!!!! It's worth it!!! The Education Committee has already done
the work for you!!!
(This is directed to anyone interested in this, who is NOT an NSH member.
Not necessarily to Barbara, who wrote the request, since I don't know if she
is or is not an NSH member.)

   The task analysis was developed to assess education levels, cognitive
abilities and motor skills required to
   perform work in the histology lab. All major job tasks in the histology
lab are identified and given listings of
   necessary cognitive abilities and motor skills for both the technician
and technologist levels. A comparative
   job description for each is included. The document describes the
complexity of work performed and can
   serve as both a reference for defining job responsibilities and a
comparison of task level differences
   appropriate for technician and technologists
   NSH member - Free    Non member - Not available

   Standards of Performance and Competency is designed to be used as a model
for creating specific
   standards of performance, and implementing it's documentation in the
histology laboratory. Sections have
   been created that stand alone. Generic sections (such as those for basic
instrumentation, QC, etc.) are
   also included if that approach is preferred. The user can select the
tasks applicable for their own setting
   and further add/delete/customize to meet their specific needs. The
components include:
   1. An overview explanation sheet.
   2. Histotechnology Standards of Performance
   3. An overall Competency Documentation model (used to demonstrate overall
performance of all lab
   4. A Technical Competency Documentation model (used to document specific
technical outcomes, cutting
   slides and staining).
   NSH member - Free    Non member - Not available

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Subject: Competency Checklist for Histologist

> Hello Everyone,
> We are required to now have a competency checklist for Histologist. Could
> someone please tell me if they have something that I may use and if so,
> send me a copy. Anything that you have would be most appreciative!
> Thanks so much.
> B.A.Murray, HT(ASCP)
> The Alaska Native Medical Center
> Anchorage, Alaska

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