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 I agree with Hazel.  There are so many factors that can affect cutting on
any given could you allow for every problem encountered??  

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Histology is NOT factory work.   Every block is different.   Some cut
easily, others are nightmares.    I once worked in a lab  (for a VERY
time), that had productivity standards.  (and by the way, I did meet the
standards)  We had to write what time we started cutting and/or
what time we finished and how much work we produced.    I felt like I
in a factory.   It also made you feel like quality didn't count, only
quantity.    I think productivity standards produce low morale.     I
never, God willing, work under those circumstances again.     Just my 2
cents worth.

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> Do any laboratories out there have any written( or unwritten )
> productivity
> expectations for their Histotech staff?
> Example;    embedding  50/60 blocks an hour or more ?
>                   cutting        20/30 blocks an hour or more ?
> Thanks in advance for the information.
> Liz Ellis

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