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In the last hospital I worked at we had a QA committee that was expressly
for lab-department problems, mostly nursing. It met monthly and dealt with
any problems that went either way. I thought is was good because individual
departments couldn't claim they didn't know we had a problem with them since
it was brought up in front of everyone, Senior managment representatives
were there also and that made everyone pay attention to the problem and get
solutions in place.

Tim Morken

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If you work in a hospital or a lab that interacts with other departments, I
am looking for some info/ideas. I am part of a team that is trying to come
up with ideas for resolving interdepartmental problems. Does your workplace
do anything special? Special forms, special task force or any tool that is
used to help resolve problems between departments and see them through to

Any info or sources for info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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