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As with all things histology, procedures vary from lab to lab.  Each person
believes their way is the right way when, in reality, there are many "right"
ways.  My advice is to do it the way that YOU believe works best and then
swear up and down to the rest of the world that it is the only way that
really works...just like the rest of us.

Glen Dawson BS, HT, IHC
Lead Immuno Tech
Dynacare Laboratories
Milwaukee, WI

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Personally, I am a wiper. But thats jsut the way I was taught.


On 14 Feb 01, at 10:56, John C. Dennis wrote:

> Dear Histofolk
> Can anyone explain why now and again we hear/read that blocking
> solution should be shaken, not washed, from the tissue sections prior
> to applying primary or secondary solutions?
> Once I was a shaker but there was no gift in simplicity.  I got uneven
> and patchy signal patterns.  Now I'm a dipper and no longer have those
> difficulties.
> John Carroll Dennis
> Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology
> 109 Greene Hall
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