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Hi Barb,

Our move from Hollandes to Glyo-fixx was based on the desire to get rid of
picric acid et al, and a problem with ordering/shipping from our regular
supplier.  We did try a couple of other non-formalin fixatives before we
settled on Glyo-fixx (Which is a glyoxal fixative: It fixes tissue binding
to methyl, amine, amide & hydroxyl groups.)

I am not sure that the sections are any better than with hollandes, but they
are at least as good.  - I think that providing the fixation is at least
adequate and doesn't make the tissue brittle, there are plenty of other
stages in which to screw up the finished product!

We have only used it exclusively for a couple of months, but the pathologist
likes the finished result.

Have a great day

Tim Webster
Northwestern Medical Center
Fairfield Street, VT
(802) 524-1070
(On the beautiful shore of Lake Champlain, our newest Great Lake!)

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Hi  Tim -
I am interested in your change from
Hollande's  to Glyco- Fixx  why ?  and
what is "Glyco-Fixx"?    We have used
Hollande's for  several  thousand  GI
biopsies  and  really believe it to be
the best---- but open minded if there
is something superior..
Best regards- Barb
Barbara Webb HTL(ASCP)
on the beautiful Eastern
Shore of Maryland

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